Friday, June 8

Summer fun part 2 -Motivation for Kids to Read, Write!

Sorry for not posting this yesterday.  We went on another picnic this time with their Dad so we really didn't do a craft this week.  So this week, I am writing about trying to get your kids to retain some of their reading and writing skills this summer.  I found this idea for a Reading Bingo

and when I mentioned it to my 7 year-old he loved it.  So, then my 5 year-old girl pestered me with questions about what she got to do for her Bingo.  Since she is going to be going to kindergarten, she doesn't know how to read and in her preschool they focus on writing her name and letters.  So I decided to make a bingo card for her where she needs to write her name or letters.  Here is a photo of the image I made for her.
If you are interested in downloading a copy of this document you are more than welcome.  I was unable to convert it to a PDF without it messing up the letters in the middle.  It would black them out.  So I have it in a Word document file just e-mail me and I can e-mail it back to you.  I can already tell you that my 7 year-old has crossed off one square and my 5 year-old girl is jumping at the chance.


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