Wednesday, June 13

Fun black & white cards!

I have been doing some cards lately because I sell them at a booth in Signs and Wonders store in Spanish Fork, Utah.  They are something that I sell a fair amount of so I needed to replenish my stock.  I saw some cute cards using everyday items as a word play and decided to use that as my inspiration.  So these cards were born: 

Here are some close-ups of each card:
I found the graphics on a website for free graphics and used my word processing program to make the sentiment. 
On this card, I made the flower using strips on paper that were 1/4" wide and 3 1/2" long.  Using some glue dots, I folded them over and stuck it in the middle and then held them all together using a brad. 
Here is the last card - isn't it darling???

Have fun crafting!

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