Tuesday, June 26

Bracelets and Rings!

These week has been crazy just with trying to keep kids entertained, house clean, etc.  Sometimes I think that summer is more work for moms even though we are not helping with homework, shuttling kids to school, and all that.  No, Summer is just full of baseball games, carnivals, "Mom, I'm bored!", and all of the kids (including the neighbors' kids) asking for a snack or popsicle.  So this week I am going to post what fun things I found time to make that have been on my to do list in pinterest for a while now. 

First, I have been loving the bracelets on pinterest and have quite a few earmarked and only made two.  I made this bracelet:

I used the idea from this bracelet but used suede lace instead of the twine she mentions in her tutorial.

Second, I made this bracelet -

I made it using this bracelet as my inspiration and a few beads from a tophatter auction.

My last craft to show off is the bended spoon ring.  I had a old baby spoon that had a cute heart on the handle and I thought that it would make a cute ring.  It was easier than I thought to make and I admit that I am going to go to the thrift stores to find more spoons to use and make more.

I found the instructions on this website:

Hope you have enjoyed your week and found some time to craft too!

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