Tuesday, October 23

Sight word help

If any of you have a kindergartner in your mist than you are having to quiz them on sight words.  My little girl is smart but she gets bored with just quizzing her on them and then she guesses - wrong usually.  So I went to the Internet for inspiration.  I found a color by sight word on a website and I thought that would be perfect because she loves to color.  The problem was you had to buy it and I am too cheap to buy it when I can make one myself.  (Is anyone else like that?)  So I have created these two sheets - one with a color by sight word and the other page is a sight word graph.  They color the butterfly according to the sight word color chart and they count how many times the sight word is in the box and graph it by coloring in the boxes. 

My husband said that it was awesome and that I needed to share it so here I am. ;)  who better to share it with than my blog readers.  Hope you enjoy it and you can inspire your child to practice their sight words too. 

Sight Word Worksheets