Tuesday, June 26

Bracelets and Rings!

These week has been crazy just with trying to keep kids entertained, house clean, etc.  Sometimes I think that summer is more work for moms even though we are not helping with homework, shuttling kids to school, and all that.  No, Summer is just full of baseball games, carnivals, "Mom, I'm bored!", and all of the kids (including the neighbors' kids) asking for a snack or popsicle.  So this week I am going to post what fun things I found time to make that have been on my to do list in pinterest for a while now. 

First, I have been loving the bracelets on pinterest and have quite a few earmarked and only made two.  I made this bracelet:

I used the idea from this bracelet but used suede lace instead of the twine she mentions in her tutorial.

Second, I made this bracelet -

I made it using this bracelet as my inspiration and a few beads from a tophatter auction.

My last craft to show off is the bended spoon ring.  I had a old baby spoon that had a cute heart on the handle and I thought that it would make a cute ring.  It was easier than I thought to make and I admit that I am going to go to the thrift stores to find more spoons to use and make more.

I found the instructions on this website:

Hope you have enjoyed your week and found some time to craft too!

Thursday, June 14

Summer fun part 3 - Cupcakes & Father's day!

This week me and the kids decided to try out a new recipe that I have been dying to make for some time.  It was some Root Beer cupcakes!  Don't they sound great?  So we made them and needless to say the kids scarfed them down and they didn't even wait for them to be frosted.  In fact, they asked after trying one that I not frost them.  Here is the link to the recipe:

Next, we needed to figure out what to do for Father's day because usually I will make a card or t-shirt with my children's hand prints but this year I wanted to do something different.  This year I made them fill out these sheets about their father and I am going to put them together in a large card with a personal "toolbox".  This toolbox will contain some things that my husband can't do without.  (Mainly- duct tape, super glue, bungee cords, sunflower seeds, etc.).  Here is the link for the father's day information sheet I used:

The kids had fun answering the questionnaire and they really really enjoyed those cupcakes.  I hope you can find some time to do something with your kids this summer too.

Wednesday, June 13

Fun black & white cards!

I have been doing some cards lately because I sell them at a booth in Signs and Wonders store in Spanish Fork, Utah.  They are something that I sell a fair amount of so I needed to replenish my stock.  I saw some cute cards using everyday items as a word play and decided to use that as my inspiration.  So these cards were born: 

Here are some close-ups of each card:
I found the graphics on a website for free graphics and used my word processing program to make the sentiment. 
On this card, I made the flower using strips on paper that were 1/4" wide and 3 1/2" long.  Using some glue dots, I folded them over and stuck it in the middle and then held them all together using a brad. 
Here is the last card - isn't it darling???

Have fun crafting!

Friday, June 8

Summer fun part 2 -Motivation for Kids to Read, Write!

Sorry for not posting this yesterday.  We went on another picnic this time with their Dad so we really didn't do a craft this week.  So this week, I am writing about trying to get your kids to retain some of their reading and writing skills this summer.  I found this idea for a Reading Bingo

and when I mentioned it to my 7 year-old he loved it.  So, then my 5 year-old girl pestered me with questions about what she got to do for her Bingo.  Since she is going to be going to kindergarten, she doesn't know how to read and in her preschool they focus on writing her name and letters.  So I decided to make a bingo card for her where she needs to write her name or letters.  Here is a photo of the image I made for her.
If you are interested in downloading a copy of this document you are more than welcome.  I was unable to convert it to a PDF without it messing up the letters in the middle.  It would black them out.  So I have it in a Word document file just e-mail me and I can e-mail it back to you.  I can already tell you that my 7 year-old has crossed off one square and my 5 year-old girl is jumping at the chance.