Friday, January 9

Jamberry nail wraps!

Some of you may be wondering if I have dropped off the face of the earth but I am here.  I have started a new chapter in my crazy life of becoming an Independent Consultant for Jamberry nails!  If you have heard of them and tried them, you a probably a big fan!  If you haven't heard of them, here is your chance.  Jamberry nail wraps are a great alternative to painting your nails.  They are non-toxic and require no dry time!  They also come in over 300 different designs.  If you are interested in trying them or ordering some you can contact me for a sample or order them through my website  Here is a picture of the samples I can mail to you to try.  The sample is one wrap that can cover two fingernails as an accent nail.   I have also posted some pictures of samples of accent nails.  I am excited to sell this product and hope you can join me on this journey as a customer or even if you want to join and sell them too.
Here is a picture of the samples I have to offer.  Here is also a picture of a sample being used as an accent nail.  

Thanks for your support in the past and I hope to hear from you if you would like to try a sample, host a party, or even ask about becoming a Jamberry Consultant yourself.  You can always order Jamberry nails at my website

Tricia Glazier - Crafty Blonde Chick

Friday, December 7

Stamped Wood Ornaments!

So this year for my ornament party I have decided to do something along the same lines as my natural christmas wreath.  I love the look of the cut circles of wood especially with the bark still on the wood. 
I had wanted to make some reindeer ornaments that were made out of wood so an idea was born. I decided to try stamping onto the wood and it turned out darling! 
I thought about drilling a hole in the top to loop a ribbon through but the wood is still soft and I didn't want to crack it.  So, I just glued a ribbon on and added a bow made from the same ribbon.  Here is the finished project!  I especially love how the brown ink of the stamp almost makes it look like it could have been burned into the wood.

Hope you have a great time decorating your Christmas tree and have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 27

Christmas Advent!

So there are sooo many cute ideas in the blogging world doing a Christmas advent so I decided to make one too.  Mine is really simple.  Did I say simple??? 

I used some No. 1 coin envelopes from the local Staples and some number stickers.  The stickers I used were from Oriental Trading Co. and they had them on clearance 2 sheets/ $5.00.  Not the best deal but they are cute and with the colors, I did not feel that I needed any other decoration. 

First, take your coin envelopes and put the sticker on them.

Second, put the slips of paper with the Christmas activities into the coresponding envelopes.  (This was the hardest part, I had to look onto pinterest for some ideas.  Who knew that 24 activities would be so hard to come up with?)

Third, drape a piece of ribbon or yarn across the place you want the advent to hang.

Fourth, take your clothespins and attach the envelopes to the ribbon.

Done!  Did I say simple yet??  This ended up costing me around $15.00 ($5 for stickers, $6 for envelopes, and $4 for the clothespins.)

I am looking forward to doing the activities with my kids and I can save these envelopes and re-fill them for next year!