Sunday, November 20

Candy Monogram on a Frame

Candy Monogram!
So I am loving the candy wreaths, presents, etc out in the blog world and so I knew that I wanted to make something using candy this year for a decoration.  What is cheaper right than running down to the dollar store and buying a package of peppermint candy?  This project used around a package and a half so the kiddos were happy because they got some candy out of the deal too.  Here is the supply list for this project:

Piece of cardboard (size depends on the size of the letter you make)
Spray paint or anyother kind of paint

I started out by freehanding the letter G to the piece of cardboard - that is why it is not perfect but oh well, I will tell myself that it adds to the charm ;).  Then I spray painted the cardboard letter lightly so the cardboard would not show through in between the candy.  Next, I hot glued the candy onto the cardboard letter.  Then I added a bow to the letter, and last I attached to a frame that I had.  I love the silver frame and how it accentuates the silver in the bow.  That is all!  I can't decide if I want to hang it on the wall or if I want it in the plate holder.  I am showing it in the plate holder. 

Cheap (total cost of $3 for me since I had the frame, cardboard, and spray paint on hand)

Let me know what you think!  I love to get your comments! 


  1. This is so cute! i will be featuring it tonight at

  2. Very cute! Would LOVE for you to link up at our "Home For The Holidays" link party! ;)

  3. What a cute project! I really love the font that you used to make your G. I'm hoping to post a peppermint project on my blog tonight.

  4. How adorable! Can't wait to make this! I'm a new follower! Please stop by Bella Nest if you get a chance!