Tuesday, November 29

Ornaments of Christmas past....

I have a friend (thanks Melissa Fossat) that introduced me to the idea of an Ornament and Cookie party!  The party was so much fun that I stole the idea and started doing one of my own.  The idea is the invite 12 people total to the party and have each of them bring 12 ornaments and 24 cookies.  The ornaments are usually something homemade and the same with the cookies.  You bring the ornaments and cookies and swap them with each other so you end up with 12 ornaments and 24 cookies - one from each of the people attending and one of your own.  This is my third or fourth year hosting the party and it is one party that my sisters ask if I plan on hosting again every year.  It is going to be a tradition for a long time.  So I thought I would post ornaments that I have made from the parties in Christmas past. 

Ornament #1:  2x4 Christmas Tree

First I cut some scrap 2x4s into triangles using the chop/miter saw.  It is the same technique used in the 2x4 candy corn post.  Then I painted them green and splattered some white onto them to frost them a bit.  Then I distressed the edges.  Next, I drilled a hole in the top of the tree to put the ribbon through to hang on the tree.  Last I put a roofing nail in the bottom for the trunk and tied a Christmas ribbon on the trunk.  Here is the finished project:

Ornament #2:  Silver snowflake

This was the easiest of the 3 to make.  It involved going to the craft store and finding some snowflakes that were already cut out and spray painting them silver.  Then I added a Christmas ribbon so they could hang on the tree.  Easy as pie!  I don't know why they have that saying - I don't find making pie that easy- anyway...  Here is the finished project:

Ornament #3:  Fabric Candy canes

This was a time consuming ornament because of the sewing.  Everytime I sew I usually take twice as long as someone else because I usually have the re-thread the machine - kids help me un-thread it ;), and I usually have to pick some stitches out because I am that good.  So I found 4 different fabrics that I thought looked good together and kind of christmasy and sewed a long line of them together.  I then used a template (this one was a cookie cutter) and cut out the ornaments.  I cut out another fabric for the back and started sewing.  I used a zigzag stitch of these so I would not have to turn them and stuffed the candy cane when I got to the top.  At the top I also added a ribbon to (you guessed it!) hang from the tree.  Here is the finished project:

I loved how these 3 ornaments turned out and I hope that when I come up with another idea for this year's party I can share it with you.  Here is some creative vibes to you this season and I hope I get some too.  Enjoy!


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