Wednesday, November 2

Monster of a birthday!

So my baby boy turned one over the weekend so I was busy planning a party.  I love it when they turn one and they tear into the cake or get freaked out by it.  I was in the hospital last Halloween so this year I wanted to get into the spirit by throwing my baby boy a party with a Halloween theme.  What is more Halloween than Monsters?  Besides, He is my little monster!  So I used some ideas for decorations from other websites (pinterest is going to be the death of me) and his party was born. 

First, I started with the decorations!  I followed the idea of my mummy wrapped candy bar and wrapped a vase like it so It looked like a mummy.  Then I used some toliet paper rolls and with some scrap paper and googley eyes some monsters were born.  Last for the decorations that I want to show you was a mason jar that I wrapped in string and spray painted black with some halloween ribbon the tops.  This was also a idea from pinterest.  Check them out:

Next came the cake!  I let the kids pick out what their cake is going to be and then I attempt to make it.  Since my baby is only one then I make a small cake just for them and cupcakes for everyone else.  Going with the theme of monsters I created simple cupcakes with a royal icing decoration from the Ace of Cakes guy.  Sorry, I can't remember his name but they were darling and so much saved work for me.  The cake I made using a round metal bowl and then piped stars on it to give the monster a fur-like texture.  I added a marshmallow with a black dot using food coloring for the one eye and licorice for the mouth.  My husband told me to put the teeth with a space between them because our cutie has the same space in between his front teeth, this was marshmallow also.  The horns and arms were made by melting chocolate and piping it onto wax paper and then freezing it.  I then just put them in the cake.  Here are the cupcakes and cake:

He totally enjoyed the cake even after a scare with trying to grab the candle when it was lit.  I love their messy faces!  Hope you enjoyed your Halloween weekend and you had a 'monster' of a time.  Corny I know!

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  1. Awesome cake!
    I cant wait to throw my daughter's first birthday party. I will be glued to pinterest for ideas.