Monday, November 7

Winter Wonderland Wreath!

With the arrival of snow in my neck of the woods it reminded me of Christmas but I knew that even though the stores are gearing up for Christmas it is a little early for me.  So I wanted to make a craft that could go through Christmas and be something that is not overly Christmasy (if that is a word).  This craft will work because it isn't over the top Christmas but says snow and winter to me.  I started with these supplies:

Cheap picture frame (without glass and backing)
Grapevine to make the wreath
wooden snowflakes
ribbon (red and gold tulle)
bells *which I found at the dollar store in a pack of 9

I started by forming a wreath using the grapevine to fit into the picture frame.  I used twine to hold the top in place and hot glued it at the top and bottom to the frame. 

Next, I tied the bells with the twine to the wreath using different lengths to add interest.  I then added some ribbons to the top of the bell.
Lastly, I painted the wooden snowflakes and hot glued them to the wreath.  I also added some of the honeycomb (brown color) of paint to the frame to distress it and make it look a little more interesting to me and added a burlap bow!

That's it!  Here is a picture of the Winter Wonderland wreath on my wall.  I love how it turned out and I might have to make some more to sell.  What do you think?

Enjoy your crafting!

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