Monday, November 14

Burlap & Sweater Trees!

So I had 3 of the stryofoam cones left and I was thinking about what I wanted to do with them.  I saw an old sweater and an idea was born.  I love how the old sweaters can be upcycled into pillows, etc so I wanted to use it for a tree.  I wanted to do it in a group of three because that is a good number and so I needed to come up with another idea to cover the tree with.  So I came across an idea for printing on burlap and there was the other covering!  Here are the supplies that I needed for this project:

3 Styrofoam cones
old sweater
paper or felt for the pattern
hot glue gun

I first traced a pattern using a piece of felt that I had and marked it to make a rough pattern for the trees.  I then cut out 3 of the patterns- 2 burlap and 1 using the sweater.

I then printed on the burlap using the stamp and ink making a pattern.  I did this on both of the burlap pieces.  I also had 3 snowflakes to use at the top of each tree and inked the edges of these also.

Using the hot glue gun, I glued the burlap onto 2 of the cones.  I then glued the snowflakes on the top.

For the sweater tree, I ended up sewing it on the top and sides so it would slide onto the cone.  Then glued the snowflake onto the top.  Here are the finished trees.   These are going to look great on a table or the fireplace mantle...I think. :)
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.....

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