Friday, December 7

Stamped Wood Ornaments!

So this year for my ornament party I have decided to do something along the same lines as my natural christmas wreath.  I love the look of the cut circles of wood especially with the bark still on the wood. 
I had wanted to make some reindeer ornaments that were made out of wood so an idea was born. I decided to try stamping onto the wood and it turned out darling! 
I thought about drilling a hole in the top to loop a ribbon through but the wood is still soft and I didn't want to crack it.  So, I just glued a ribbon on and added a bow made from the same ribbon.  Here is the finished project!  I especially love how the brown ink of the stamp almost makes it look like it could have been burned into the wood.

Hope you have a great time decorating your Christmas tree and have a Merry Christmas!