Tuesday, October 18

Various easy Halloween crafts!

This week I did a few random crafts for Halloween that were easy to the budget and easy to do.  First I made a cake platter using an idea that is all over the blogging world.  These are the supplies that I used to make it:

I then put a liberal amount of glue around the base of the candle pillar and pressed the plate down.  I turned the plate upside down so I could better center it on the candle pillar.  Isn't it so cute!  The finished picture would have had some cupcakes on it to display but I ate them.  What can I say - I am a junk food fiend.  So you are going to have to settle for apples.

I love how it gives the plate a little height and makes it a display!

Second, I made a cute treat for some neighbors.  I am in charge of an activity for some girls in my church and we thought about doing the 'Boo' activity for some people in the neighborhood but we wanted to do around 12 and our budget isn't all that extensive so this idea was born. 
These are the supplies needed along with tape and glue dots for the eyes:

I made these Halloween mummies and they ended up costing around 75 cents a piece so we are giving 2 mummies with a tag attached that says "Some 'mummy' loves you!  Happy Halloween!".  I would love getting chocolate and I hope the people that get it will too.  What do you think?

Hope you enjoy your Halloween season and go get your craft on!

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