Tuesday, October 11

Leafy Tree for Fall!

Sorry for the wait on the post but I have been busy with some other things.  I have been canning - salsa and raspberry jam.  I love fall with all the things going on and the smell of salsa in the house.  So onto the blog post- I had this idea as I was driving home the other day from eating lunch with my honey.  I had a couple styrofoam cones left over from a trip to the Dollar Store and I remember that some blog used some fall leaves to cover a wreath.  Well, why not cover the cone and make a fall tree?  So first I bought some fall leaves at -- you guessed it! - the Dollar Store and I already had the styrofoam cone so so far I am into this craft $3.00!  I came home and started making it by hot gluing on the leaves to the cone.  I started at the bottom and worked my way up.  After I had covered it once, I added some more to fill it out.  I then found an old candle pillar and put it on there.  Here is the finished picture! 

I had some leaves left over so I added some to a grapevine wreath and used some gold tulle and made this cute wreath too. 

I still have some so I might have to try a cute table runner that I saw with burlap and fall leaves.  Hmmmm - decisions, decisions.  :)  Hope you enjoy the project and enjoy your crafting!

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