Thursday, May 31

Summer Fun Part 1 - Pizza, Park, and Bubbles!

So- today was the first day of my summer fun with the kids.  As I mentioned before in the last post, I am planning on doing something with my kids each Thursday to show them that you can have fun even without the big vacation.  I decided to go a little low-key with the celebration this day because of my lack of energy with coming down with my annual summer cold.  So, here is what we did for a total cost of  $6.00 (plus tax).

Cheese Pizza -thanks to Little Caesars Hot and Ready Pizza.
Park time - always a favorite of mine since it is free and for the kids because well, who doesn't love swings and slides?

Then we came home and made bubble pictures.  I found a three pack of bubbles at the dollar store and used some food coloring and little cups to mix the colors.  The kids then had fun on the front porch making the pictures.  Here are some pictures of the buggers - minus the baby (18 mos) because he wanted to play in the colored water more than anything and it doesn't come out easy.  Also, as you can see in the pictures, the water ends up mainly on the porch so that is why we did it outside.  My kids are notorious for spilling anything liquid.

I got this idea for the bubble pictures here :

I don't think ours turned out as well as the ones on her website but the kids loved making them.  I think it was a great day with the kids and they will have some good memories without spending a lot. 
Enjoy your summer!

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