Sunday, May 27

Summer Fun!

So, first off - sorry for the MIA this last couple of months.  I have been having issues with the desire and the creativeness to make anything.  I mean anything.  Just ask my poor husband and children who have had to eat cold cereal for dinner far too many times.  I decided yesterday that I have to make myself do something so here I am!  I wanted to write this post to introduce you to what I am going to plan for the summer. 

I have always wanted to be a 'fun' mom and since we are short on funds this year I wanted my kids to still enjoy their summer.  So each week I will be working with them on a craft or planning a fun fieldtrip for their summer pleasure.  Then I might hear "I am bored" less and more of "I am so excited".  So starting on Thursday, May 31 - I will be posting what we are doing.  Hopefully, you will get some ideas from this and comment on a few of your own.  I am also going to be doing a give-away when I reach 25 followers.  We are only one away so as soon as I get 25 I will let you know what the give-away is.  Hope you have a great summer and I will post next Thursday with the summer fun idea!

Keep crafting away!

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