Monday, August 1

Painted "old" signs for fall

I love fall and I love the look of old items.  I wanted to make some new signs using the idea of vintage labels for the fall.  My husband just finished making a gate for the side of our house and had some leftover cedar fence slats and I have some acrylic paint so the idea was born and FREE!  Like I have said before - you have to love free crafts. 

I cut 4 pieces of the cedar slats 11" long and used 2 for each sign.   Then I searched on the internet for vintage labels and used then as a guide for how to paint the sign. 
I knew that I wanted to make a pumpkin sign but I looked at some other vintage labels and found one for Apple Cider so with that being an appropiate fall item I used that as the second sign. 

On the Sweet Cider sign I painted it red with the acrylic paint, let it dry, and then painted it with a crackle medium.  I left a border around it and painted the rest a country tan color.  
I then used my Cricut and cut out an apple and the words.  The words were around 1 1/2 inches.  After stenciling and adding some free-hand accents to the apple - I used a acrylic paint called goose feather and glazed the sign and sanded the edges.  Here is the finished product:

On the pumpkin sign I used the same size of cedar slat in 2 pieces too.  I painted the base the country tan color and added a border on the top and bottom of it using a color called Honeycomb.  It really doesn't show much.  I then used a picture from the internet of a pumpkin to trace and reference.  I used on the pumpkin 2 colors of orange (citrus twist, autumn leaves) and used some green (ticket) and some of the goose feather color.  The labels I made using the Cricut again.  I stenciled the top using red paint and the bottom using black paint.  I then glazed this sign with the goose feathers to age it.  Here is the finished product:

I have to say - Not too shabby!  I can't wait for the fall and to find a place to hang these.  I am connecting them using a shim on the back and I am thinking of finding some iron work to make the hanger.  Not sure.  I might have to make more for the booth in the Signs and Wonders store in Spanish Fork.  My sister and I have a booth there that tries to help fund our hobby. :) 
Have an enjoyable week and enjoy crafting!

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