Tuesday, August 30

Lots of cards!

I am back to making some cards again.  Sometimes I want to do a craft but I want something easy and fast.  Especially since I have started babysitting and school has started for the kiddos so I don't have as much time.  I needed to make a birthday card for my mother-in-law who turned 28 years old again. ;)  So I ended up making a total of 4 cards and a cute little bag to put some cookies in.  Who doesn't enjoy cookies?    

Also- The giveaway for the bracelet is closed and I the winner is:  Follower - Tara & David!  Please email me with what color of bracelet you want.  You can see the colors in the picture below.

Thanks for all of you that follow this blog and for the comments. I hope to do another give-away when I reach 25 followers.  

Last but not least- Check out this really cute pumpkin that I made using the tutorial on Under my Umbrella  she has some awesome ideas for the holidays.  I will be doing more of her crafts. 
Enjoy crafting!


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  1. SO I just saw this and I don't have your email and I can't find it, maybe I am not looking in the right place. But I like the purple one!!