Tuesday, July 19

Cute wreath and dresser!

I know that I have been a slacker on posting on this blog but I am going to turn over a new leaf and try harder.  I have no excuse except to say that I haven't stopped creating things I just have forgot to post them.  Sad story - I know. ;)  So without further ado I wanted to show the cute wreath that I made.  I have been wanted to try this for forever and I bought the supplies a million months ago but it has been sitting waiting.  So over the weekend I pulled it out and made it.  I bought a dollar store foam wreath and the craft paper was from the dollar store too so I am in it a total of $2.  Don't you love this kind of crafts!  I channeled my elementary self and made a grown-up version of the tissue paper art.  I can't remember what blog had this idea so I can't give proper credit but I love it!  After cutting a million flowers later (I love my cricut for this)- I started to glue.  You take an unsharpened pencil and put it in the middle of the flower.  You then fold the flower up around the pencil and put a dab of hot glue on it.  You then glue it onto the wreath.  Easy as pie!  Look at the finished product - I must say it is darling!

So my little girl promptly told everyone that the wreath was for her room and I had to agree.  I have wanted to incorporate teal into her room for a while now.  It is currently pink and brown.  So with this wreath in her room I figured that she needed more teal and told myself that I was going to paint her dresser.  I put a base coat of a dark chocolate brown and then put the teal paint on it.  Lastly I glazed it with some cream paint.  I love how it turned out.  It is very calming to me.  I think because it reminds me of the sea.  I then sanded some of the paint off the edges and look how it turned out:

So I hope that you enjoyed the crafts I made and I am looking forward to posting more. 
See you later!

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