Tuesday, May 25

Finally! - no really it has been busy

I know you are probably wondering if I have dropped off of the face of the earth and believe me there are times that I wonder too.  I have had a couple of months of complete madness.  I am using this excuse because of sick kids, growing another kid, and birthdays.  So I thought that I would show you some of the crafts that I did but have not posted yet.  First - I had a party to give my little girl and all she wanted was a "princess" cake with a yellow dress.  After fretting about how to make it, I decided to try fondant for the first time.  I have to say that I love that stuff.  So here is a picture with how it turned out. 

Next, yes - I did say that I had to grow another kid.  So I am pregnant and due in November and just loving getting sick around 3 pm and staying sick until I eat breakfast.  I swear my poor husband will never eat another bowl of mini-wheats as long as he lives.  He has been a trooper with helping with cooking for our family because I can't stand the thought or the smell of food.  Thankfully, I am starting to get over some of the sickness and just starting to look and feel fat. :) 

Last but not least, I have been busy with life.  Sick kids are all around and I just love having to clean the smell of puke and other ailments out of the carpet - especially when I am having a hard enough time keeping any food down as it is.  I promise that I made some things though - Here are a couple of pictures for mother's day.  I made a cute card for my mother-in-law and somehow (spouse anyone?) it was erased.  So you don't get to see that but you get to see the darling flower that I made to put on her present.  I had a blast making it with my cricut. 

Here is the picture of the card that I made for my mom for mother's day.

I also made around 11 birthday cards for my mom because of her calling and I forgot to take any pictures of those so you don't get to see that either.  I know I am a slacker.  I do have a great idea for my next project and I am going to make 2 so I can give away one to a follower.  So here are the rules - You will have to be signed up as a follower to receive one entry into the drawing, you can get a second entry by commenting on the next blog too.  I don't have that many followers so your chances are looking good. :)  I will give you a tease of what it is -  It is a spinoff from the crayon rolls that you see around alot.  That is all the hints that I will give so you will need to stay tuned!  Have a great day and I hope that I will start getting more faithful about posting again.  Thanks!
Tricia - Crafty blonde chick


  1. Tricia, I still love that cake! You did such a good job! I hope you start feeling better! Love you!

  2. Super cute cake Tricia!! I have been wanting to try foundont but haven't tried yet-did you make yours??