Tuesday, March 23

It's all about baby .... girls that is!

So there is always someone having a kid around my neighborhood and I love making baby stuff.   I decided that I would make something for a baby girl because I went a little crazy with the scrapbooking supplies when I had my girl and need to use some up to make more room right. :)  So here are two gift and card sets for a baby girl that I made this week.  The first one is just a card and I made a bag on the cricut that is the perfect size for a gift card.  I don't know any mom that doesn't love a gift card to a baby store or just for diapers.  Those diapers seem to eat up the budget pretty fast.  The finished card size is 4 1/2" x 6" and I used scraps of paper and a stamp stepped up with some color and sparkles.  The bag is 4" tall and I used the same stamp that I got at Micheals forever ago.  On the bag, I used just scraps of paper too.  Don't forget to ink the edges. 

The second set I decided to make a frame for the new baby girl's picture with a card to match.  The frame is 8x10 but with the mat - it will fit a 4x6 photo.  The perfect size for a newborn picture from the hospital or a really cute snapshot that grandma took.  I love the flower on the frame and the smaller one on the card.  It was super easy and I got the idea from a website that used to sell some scrapbooking supplies but has shut down their sales.  The website is one heart one mind and when I last looked they had shut their sales down but not the website so you can still see their ideas.  Anyway - the flowers were soo soo easy to make.  You just punch or cut out circles and ink the edges.  Then fold them and overlap them on each other till you have the size of the flower you want and put something in the middle.  I used a brad on the frame and a button on the card.  They both turned out so cute - Look!

Here is a close-up of the flower on the card so you can see how easy it is. 

My sister who does a blog called Craft Affection says that she has seen this flower used on fabric for a cute hairbow too.  I just might have to try that. 

So I am done posting another craft and next time I hope to do something different.  I found some very cute fabric at JoAnn's on sale and I really need a new quilt for our master bedroom so I am going to try a new pattern for a quilt and hopefully it will turn out.  Here is a picture of the fabric --

If you have any interesting but beginner quilt patterns let me know.  I just might use them.  Next post I hope to have a giveaway too!  So stay tuned.



  1. I can't wait to see your quilt! It is going to be darling!!

  2. Tricia, that material is really cute! Is Josh going to love it? Lol! ;)