Thursday, December 29

Yet another birthday...cake!

First, I wanted to thank everyone for your support and thank all the followers and readers for helping me with this blog.  I appreciate your support and your comments and I hope this next year will be even better with more crafts and fun for you and me.

So onto my post - my boy #2 had his birthday yesterday and I always ask them what they want for their birthday cake.  He had told me that he wanted a monster truck cake for forever and so I had a few ideas about what to do and was not stressing about it.  Then after Christmas was done, I asked him again what he wanted as his cake and he said that he wanted a Dinosaur cake.  His birthday was the next day and I had not a clue what to do so off to pinterest I go.  I love that site!  I found a cake that looked pretty simple but cute for here and decided to make it.  The only other request that he had was that he wanted it green with blue dots and it had to have teeth.  So I cooked the main cake in a bowl and made the head out of rice crispies and the tail is just from rolled fondant.  I think it turned out cute and I know that he loved it.  So let me know what you think. 

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